This page is a tribute to my 2 favourite Marvel characters. X-Man (Nate Grey), and Cable (Nathan Summers). These two characters are quite alike, but differ greatly.
Nathan was born in our timeline to Madelyne Pryor (A clone of Jean Grey) and Scott Summers (Cyclops and Phoenix). Shortly thereafter, Nathan had to be teleported into the future, due to the fact that Apocaplyse had infected Nathan with a Techno-Organic (T-O) virus that would eventually take over his body. He was teleported into the future in hopes that the technology would be good enough to cure him. Unfortunally, the technology wasn't as good as they thought, but all was not lost. Nathan was "adopted" by a clan of Psionics, called the Askani. At this time, the world was being crushed under the heel of Apocaplyse. The Askani taught Nathan how to use his psionic powers to hold off the T-O virus. At this time, Nathan was given the middle name "Dayspring", to mean "A hope for a better tomorrow", and somewhat of a mentor, Blaquesmith. After Nathan learned to control the T-O virus, he was sent back into time, with a mission : To kill Apocalypse, and free the world from his evil grasp.

Nate Grey is a young, almost parinoid teen-ager who came to this world from the Age Of Apocalypse. In AOA, Nate was bred from tissue samples of Jean Grey and Cyclops. Nate is around 19 years old, but his real age is hard to tell, as Mr. Sinister accelerated his growth. Nate is a much stronger psi than Nathan, as his power is unchecked by the T-O Virus. The only problem with this is that if he uses his power to the fullest, it will kill him by the time that he turns 21. This was determined by Dr. Moria McTaggert on Muir Island. Nate has had many confrontations over the past months. He's faced the Maruaders, Cable, Abomination, and met up with who is now his friend, Threnody. Threnody is a mutant who's powers allow her to absorb the death-energies of beings, and rechannel those energies back in the from of energy blasts.

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